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- 2021-12-14-

                                   Are you comfortable in your underwear,

                               The version and fabric are very particular about,

                                  On the subject of a lifetime of wearing underwear,

                               We have always been penny wise and pound foolish,

                                     When you can't tell much from the outside,

                                          Try it on in the store to see how it looks,

                                     How to quickly judge and screen "comfort level"

                                      Fabrics are especially important at this point!

                                  [Ant fabric] selected by Beimon Textile

                                          It's made of super fine silk,

                                       Softness does not damage the surface,

                          The surface area of the microfiber increases after it is spun,

                                The space between fibers directly increases,

                             Provide sufficient dry and wet strength, bacteriostatic;

                          Allowing moisture to spread rapidly through the gaps in the fibers;

                           Because of excellent air permeability and moisture dispersion;

                                    Underwear breathes, allowing skin to breathe freely

                      It's a process for designers to go from knowing fabric to knowing fabric,

              It takes a while to go from being ignorant to knowing what fabric you want.

                               Each fabric is a different individual,

                       They have different properties and special areas,

                                         They glow independently,                                                                     at the same time, it also creates a different spark with other fabrics

Professional/comfortable/healthy /

Moulded cup underwear is very common in the market,

But very few are truly comfortable.

Blindly pursue exaggerated high support and liter cup together,

The mold cups are thick and hard,

And with the rim extrusion,

It's uncomfortable and unhealthy.

However, this one is skin-friendly and breathable,

Sensitive muscles can also be worn without burden.

Many colors, many choices!

In addition to being great for underwear,

It can also process the mold cup,

Absolutely anything!!

Fully locked with latex to form a breathable and soft surface,

Natural latex,

Comfort, breathability, softness

Play incisively ~

Endowing the mold cup with special texture and oxygen supply structure,

Its close-fitting body sense and eye-catching visual sense, are full of praise!