Analysis of the trend of 2022 Spring and summer sustainable fabrics

- 2021-12-08-

From the four fashion weeks of autumn and winter that ended this year and the continuous emergence of environmentally friendly ideas at the shows, it is not hard to see that designers and consumers are aware of the importance of clothing protection and environmental performance in the post-pandemic era.

For this reason, the global fabric in many aspects of understanding, believe that environmental protection/sustainable, will be an important vane of the future international fashion industry.



1.Can keep out the wind and rain

From dirt

2.Environmentally friendly and renewable

The key point

The fabric is coated with a biodegradable coating

It has certain protective function

Capable of self-microbial decomposition after waste

Technology of fiber

Recycled nylon and polyester fibers

The specific application

Outdoor sports and leisure

Jacket jacket and accessories