Fashion Sportswear trend Spring/Summer in 2022

- 2021-11-02-

Fashion Sportswear trend Spring/Summer in 2022

In recent years, with the popularity of gym and home sports, the fashion index of sportswear has been soaring. This trend report draws key data of fashion trends from the perspective of popular sports and consumer psychology.


When consumers take to a new sport, a spirit of sportsmanship emerges. With the impact of COVID-19, more and more people are taking to cycling, and cycling clothing has become the target of fashion trends.

The side width and back width are made of highly breathable micro-perforated fabric to create a frictionless base to achieve moisture absorption and quick drying performance. What makes this cycling jersey unique is the use of fully dyed elastic grips on the waist and sleeves to keep the garment in place for enhanced aerodynamic advantage.

• Elastic poly elastic fiber blends to create a second layer of skin fitting feeling

• Elastic grippers at the waist and sleeves hold clothes in place

• Body mapping vents in key hot areas for optimal temperature regulation

• Strategic zipper back pocket eliminates additional resistance


Exercise can get rid of worries and recover from everyday anxiety, and endurance shorts are an outfit that provides energy.

• Recycled waterproof nylon housing with built-in tight shorts

• Phosphorescent panels ensure visibility in low light conditions

• External removable care label eliminates friction

• Sweatproof pockets keep stored basic items dry and safe


Design a high-performance tracksuit, crafted with breathable elastic jerseys that provide support and comfort during high-intensity workouts. Combined with super vibrant hues, it creates a radiating gradient of color difference atmosphere, elevating mood with active positivity for sports.

• Highly breathable, compressible knits support muscles during strenuous exercise

• Quick-drying features eliminate moisture and bacterial buildup

• Body mapping designed to support and protect muscles

• Dark graphics contain the mood-boosting effect of a positive mental attitude


The sports bra is specially designed for high-intensity sports and becomes a must-have item for spring/summer 2022. Develop a sports bra made from a blend of nylon and spandex with plenty of built-in cups for extra support and a bonded elastic bottom band that doesn't bend up. Adjustable shoulder strap and hook design, easy to wear and take off. Intensive training requires functional equipment, such as hi-Impact sports underwear, to perform well, so consumers can easily respond to proactive pursuits.

• A blend of nylon and spandex, designed to be extremely supportive

• Adjustable shoulder strap and hook design for easy wearing and removing

• Sewn molded cup shaping for sense of shape and support

• Adhesive elastic bottom prevents digging or climbing


To optimize performance during tennis practice, consumers choose clothing that offers high-impact support and functional flexibility. Design a tennis dress with a sleek wrap silhouette, tight one-piece shorts and pleated details to create a refined aesthetic. Thanks to the high quality nylon fabric and technical four-way stretching, the garment ensures freedom of movement and optimum air permeability.

• Skirts are wrapped to create a classic functional silhouette

• Nylon shell with added Lycra fiber for elasticity and shape

• Quick drying lining has antibacterial properties to prevent bacterial growth

• Side vents provide flexibility and pleated stitching provides best cladding


For consumers who want to show their status in the fashion industry and raise awareness about the topic of waste, patchwork designs are a new aesthetic. Create a windproof jacket from patchwork of discarded textiles to maintain a bold aesthetic. Complete the garment with an extended funnel collar, elastic cuffs and hem, and a detachable hood to achieve purpose-driven performance.

• Recycled nylon housing with silicon coating forms a waterproof barrier

• Spliced design, rich and colorful, to maintain a bold aesthetic style

• Adjustable hood, through bungee cord bolt and removable function

• A slender funnel neck helps filter breathing


As consumers become more decisive about where they want to spend their disposable income, brands must elevate the run-of-the-mill sportswear with new designs. Change a half-cut silhouette, long sleeves, standing collar, and thumb inserted into cuff to keep garment in place. Hygroscopic and sweats - resistant fabric and four - way tensile sealing properties.

• Moisture wicking sweatshirts made from recycled post-consumer waste

• Create a second skin with a neckline and back tailoring

• Bonding joints to create a frictionless, high-performance profile

• Extended sleeves with thumb holes to keep clothes in place