Milk tea color, never out of date senior sense!

- 2021-10-12-

As the fall and winter seasons change, it's time to clean up your wardrobe.

I want to share one with you today

I like the color very much

It is perfect for autumn and winter in a high grade and very white color

Today's leading role is milk tea color oh, girls are very love to drink milk tea, milk tea color dress more can not be missed. Milk tea color is slightly different according to the concentration of milk tea itself, so milk tea color is also a broad term, but generally speaking, it is between white, camel and coffee.

These years when it comes to classic colors, it's no longer just black, white and gray. Milk tea color that can promote advanced sense is the most popular neutral color in both men and women's wardrobes, always appearing frequently in the daily collocation of fashion bloggers.

"Milk tea color" is suitable for twelve color seasons as a basic color to wear, especially for the six color seasons with warm words (warm soft, warm bright, soft warm, deep warm, light warm, net warm).

How do you match such an advanced color?

1. Match with the same color

Clean and quietly elegant milk tea color has a magic of strangers away, the same color is worn to show high and advanced.

If you want to wear layers, try matching items with different saturation levels in the same color. The principle that matches with color also often appears on show field, simple however bear food for thought.

2. Tie-in white

The combination of milk tea color and white is very relaxed color collocation, white collocation can bear to look and show white, suitable for daily commuting.

3. Tie-in black

If only a solid color would not be fashionable, it is the small size of the black logo that makes it look chic.

Compared with other colors, black is the most durable and white color with milk tea. I can't stop the literary sense.

Inside take black fasten, mature and steady. "Milk tea color" with a kind of proper warmth, become qiu dong most welcome "New Black".

4. With blue

The combination of milk tea color and blue is a light and bright daily color match, which is comfortable to wear during daily commute. If it is matched with blue, it is full of fashion sense.

5. Match Red and green

In addition, milk tea color and red, green can also be matched. But if used badly, it is easy to affect the advanced sense of milk tea color.