Voile, do you know?

- 2021-09-14-

What is voile?

Voile also known as yarn glass, English name voile, textile clothing fabric, is a thin texture with plain weave, feel very cool, cloth hole clear, transparent breathable fabric, belongs to the fabric. Colloquial say is a kind of cotton bra, and diaphaneity is better. Balinese fabric, which is printed or dyed, so it's not very clear, but when you wear it it's cool...

The yarn choice

In order to keep the fabric dry and light, but also have a good feel and wear style, high support is necessary, common 60S, 80S, 100S, and even 120S.

The structure of the organization

Plain weave structure, yarn count density of 60×60/90×88, 60×60/70×70, 80×80/90×88 100×100/90×88, its characteristic is, warp and weft are used fine combing strong twist yarn, the warp and weft density of the fabric is relatively small, because of "thin", "thin", coupled with strong twist, make the fabric thin and transparent. All raw materials are pure cotton, polyester cotton. The weft yarn in the fabric is either single yarn or twine.

Machines choice

Conventional rapier loom, air jet loom. Doors are different, 62, 63, 64, 67 inches.

Voile production

1. Spinning and weaving:

Carding → combing → combing → combining → combing → combining → roving → spinning → winding: → shaping → warping → sizing → reed → weaving → fabric inspection → code cloth → repairing cloth → packing → storage

2. Dyeing and finishing process:

Seam turning → desizing → oxygen bleaching → singeing → mercerization → dyeing → shaping → pre-shrinkage

3. Easy problems

The biggest disadvantage of traditional dyeing process of reactive dyes is that it is difficult to operate. Reactive dyes need to add a lot of dye promoters in the dyeing process. If these additives are added in one time, the dye is easy to absorb uneven, resulting in colored flowers and white spots (alkali spots), especially dark dyed fabrics. In order to solve this problem, we can change the method of adding additives, that is, adding dyeing agent twice at room temperature, and then running in the dyeing machine for 20min, slowly heating up to 60 degrees, and holding 15-30min, and then adding fixing agent according to need

Finished product process and application

Voile billet after processing semi - bleach, can "show their skill". Can make all kinds of beautiful take to dyeing, printing and fashion color, also can take embroidery factory, make all kinds of craft embroidery, can also go to ShaXiChang do the sand wash that restore ancient ways, or made into the effect of foaming (hubble-bubble sleeve), in the end, all these fabrics finished products will be transfer to the clothing enterprise, make all kinds of beautiful clothes.