Red and pink are the most popular combination for the fall and winter in 2021/22

- 2021-08-31-

Pink has been at the top of trends for several seasons. With the underhanded minimalism of the 2000s and the glamour of the 1990s in the spotlight, the whole pink looks fresh but not dull. Combining one of the most stylish colors with a passionate red is the most effective.

Such a bright style combination is also good, mixing all shades of pink with all shades of red: candy with scarlet, fuchsia with wine. Also try textures: Having a native heart-shaped knit polo shirt is adding silk or satin, as well as denim for a large knit sweater skirt.

One of the most popular examples of autumn/winter collections has been trying on Kendall Jenner during Jacquemus: shorter shirts, Burgundy flares, bright and bold alternatives to the usual beige and autumn wardrobe browns. Raf Simons also showed his love of flared shapes and colour combinations: the designer suggested light pink trousers with a high-volume hoodie.