Five key colors for spring/summer 2022 women's clothing! So beautiful! Suitable for knitted fabrics

- 2021-08-24-

Global turmoil, in an atmosphere of unease and tension

Under the haze of human society

The public is eager for an end to the malaise

As soon as possible to return to peace, peace, and comfort,

Based on this psychological insight and social investigation research

2022 spring and summer popular color trend

Gradually abandon gorgeous extravagant, grandiose artificial fundamental key

And will return to nature, the most real sense of experience

More in line with the current immersive experience lifestyle

Make a natural and comfortable life switch.

Butterfly blue is different from the general purple or soft pink, but added purple in rose red, added blue in deep pink, added red in purple, modulation of a unique phalaenopsis, with its own bright saturated high-tech sense, breakthrough boring.

Phalaenopsis has an intense, surreal, vibrant quality.

With enough versatility to be used across seasons and borders, it will stand out in the contemporary physical and digital environment. In these challenging times, using this high-gloss magenta hue will be a great way to create a sense of positivity and escape from reality.

Blue symbolizes protection, stability, peace and confidence. Ocean blue, which also encourages thoughtful and profound communication, will remain one of the core colors through spring and summer 2022.

Championed by slow fashion brands, deep blues may become the ideal tone for men's wear. Atlantic blue will also be the classic core of women's wear, sportswear and decoration, especially for the beauty and makeup industry as a directional color.

Mango orange is an orange with a bright yellow tone. It has the unique texture of tropical style and brings the unique positive emotional energy of bright colors. It has the health and vitality of fresh fruits, and is suitable for the spring and summer season that needs to sweep away the emotional haze.

Mango orange colour. It can add positive energy to the seasonal palette, enhancing feelings of well-being and well-being, and can also bring digital effects to the palette through its supernatural, vivid saturation.

Consumers need a world of reassurance and security, and that will be the big theme of spring and summer 2022. Colors can play a key role in comforting, invigorating and nourishing us. The bright tone that gladdens the heart and refreshes the mind is still important factor, will bring optimistic mood.

Butter, it drives yellow toward these softer, creamier, almost edible levels that sum up our growing cravings for nutrition and health experiences. With the return of human health and happiness, the bright yellow will develop into a softer, gentler butter color.

Butter yellow, soft and elegant. It is not only suitable for couture women's wear, but also suitable for children's wear, home wear and interior decoration. Use the psychological soothing effect of soft color, peaceful mood, healthy mood. Spring and summer 2022, butter color in men's wear, underwear, interior design field expansion, especially in favor of luxury and noble style positioning.

Olive oil a plant-based, nourishing hue. This serene and balanced hue has timeless and comfortable qualities, just like its namesake color, making it a great base to combine with other colors.

Olive green is rooted in nature, classic and comfortable, and brings with it a tranquil and peaceful color mood. The original color palette close to nature is used to soothe the anxious mood and bring the beauty of harmony. Under the external environment of the world today, the harmonious and natural color will naturally become the mainstream core color of spring and summer 2022.

The olive oil color that has herbaceous moist feeling is halcyon and balance, with the attribute of olive oil itself is similar, make a person feel more comfortable, safe, it is the ideal fundamental key color with other color collocation.

Olive green serves as neuter natural tonal, go up in womenswear design not only appropriate, also can apply at menswear. Even on makeup, fresh and natural green is a popular trend for spring/summer 2022.

The core colors of spring and summer 2022, such as soft butter yellow, natural olive green, deep ocean blue, bright butterfly orchid and vibrant mango orange, are all colors with positive emotional energy, or the ability to calm people's emotions, or give people vitality.