The five key colors for spring and summer in 2023

- 2021-08-10-

Recently, authoritative trend forecasting organization WGSN and color solution leader Coloro jointly announced the spring and summer of 2023 five key colors, including: digital lavender, luscious red, sundial yellow, tranquility blue, verdigris, among which the most anticipated digital lavender will return in 2023!

WGSN, in conjunction with Coloro, predicts that purple will return to the market in 2023 as the color of physical and mental health and the digital world of transcendance.

Studies have shown that colors with shorter wavelengths, such as purple, can evoke inner peace and quiet. Digital lavender color has the characteristics of stability and harmony, echoing the theme of mental health that has attracted much attention. The color is also deeply embedded in the marketing of digital culture, filling the imagination space and diluting the dividing line between the virtual world and real life.

Luscious red marks the official return to the market of the highly sensual digital color. As a powerful color, red can increase the heart rate and stimulate desire, passion and energy, while distinctive glamour red is light and provides a surreal, immersive, instantaneous sensory experience. For this reason, the hue will be the key to digitally driven experiences and products.

As consumers return to the countryside and organic colours from nature remain important, coupled with a growing interest in craftsmanship, community, sustainable and more balanced lifestyles, earth shades of sundial yellow will be appreciated

In 2023, blue will still be key, with the emphasis on moving towards brighter mediums. As a color closely associated with the concept of sustainability, Serenity is light and clear, reminiscent of air and water. In addition, the color also symbolizes peace and quiet, helping consumers to combat depression.

Patina is a saturated color between blue and green with a vague sense of vibrancy. Its colors are nostalgic and often reminiscent of 1980s sportswear and outdoor wear. In the coming seasons, the copper green will evolve into a vibrant and positive hue.