What is the satin fabric?

- 2021-07-27-


That's satin is a homonym for english.

But satin doesn't have to be polyester satin fabric.

Satin translated into Chinese as: satin, satin silk fabric. The ingredients are not limited to polyester, but also silk, cotton, nylon and so on. All cotton color tin translated as sateen, cotton satin, also known as gong satin, straight tribute, horizontal tribute, stretch straight tribute.

The most common organizational structure

1. For five pieces of tissue, the tissue is four up and down, commonly known as five satin, and the less commonly used eight satin. Both are regular satin, and there are also six pieces on the market, like six weft suede, which is an irregular satin weave. The surface of the regular satin is longer than the floating length, such as the choice of light silk, the surface appears bright, smooth.

Common specification

2. It depends on the ingredients. Such as polyester satin fabric, common 50Dx75D, 75Dx100D, 75DX150D, etc., but also to see whether weft silk twist. The 75*100 convention is called five satin.

The color tin cloth is polyester cloth, mainly the front is very bright, the reverse is dim, a bit like silk, good drape, organization for plain weave (woven). It's a fabric that shines on one side and doesn't shine on the other. Meridional is used triangle shaped silk, weft is used polyester filament! Organizational structure is five three fly!

                          Satin fabric of classification

1. Untwisted satin;

2. Elastic satin;

3. Bamboo satin.

In addition, there are twist tinted, imitation silk elastic tinted, matting elastic tinted, imported permeable tinted, Gaussian treasure tinted, wedding satin, silver and silver silk, as well as tinted printing, ginning, bronzing, pressing and other deep processing products. Products are suitable for clothing, shoes, bags, home textiles, handicrafts manufacturing.

Satin fabric of characteristics:

1, the use of triangular cross section with light yarn, has a good satin luster luxuriant effect.

2, bright color, rich, beautiful and generous.

3. Smooth and comfortable to wear.

4, silk feel, elegant quality.

5. Special yarn count, exceptional softness, good tear resistance.

6, no shrinkage after washing, easy to use.

7, the use of environmental protection dyeing, anti-static processing.