The fashionable colours of knit autumn/winter in 2021

- 2021-07-20-

The Healing Pear color has both green freshness and grey understatement. The low saturation tone shows the ultimate purity and tranquility, which is a kind of aloof, low-key and elegant tone.

Pink is the mainstream color in spring. Combined with the profile of the windbreaker, the light and thin powder color is transformed into the ceramic powder with grey tone, which shows a more advanced sense. Its tone is just right soft, for the female heart daub on a layer of romantic fantasy of a better future.

The bright yellow tone can stand out from many colors, sweeping away the cold haze of winter, giving a fresh visual experience. The light and elegant sweet cream tone is warm, soft and bright, looking more comfortable and comfortable state and color sense.

Low saturation powder blue and its unique quiet and romantic sweet tone, clear and soft, fresh and romantic. This kind of light blue with grey tone, elegant upgrade more advanced texture, especially in winter. Serenity blue with breathable blues, pleasing to the eye, even more stylish index.