Organza Fabirc

- 2021-07-13-

Organza is also called corgan, or organza, or organza. English name: Organza. Its hazy and mysterious characteristics, can show the soft and beautiful female posture.

Organza Fabirc 

A lot of people know organza, from the beginning of the organza wedding dress. The wedding gauze that French designs multi-purpose ougengauze is main raw material, cover more at satin cloth or silk above, celestial spirit is dye-in-dye-wood. Now, organza has found its way into everyday shop Windows and into fashionable clothes, worn everywhere.

As a kind of chemical fiber lining and fabric, organza is not only used to make wedding dress, skirt, windbreaker and other high-grade silk imitation thin fabric, but also used to make curtains, dresses, Christmas tree ornaments, all kinds of ornaments bags.

The advantages and disadvantages of organza

Advantages: the clothes are very smooth, light and elegant, very high grade, texture, light sense. It is said that pure silk is also good for human body. There are advantages, such as anti ultraviolet ray, moisture absorption and so on.