nylon spandex high elastic fabric

- 2021-06-28-

Nylon spandex high elastic fabric 

Product name: nylon spandex high elastic fabric

Item No.: BM0617P

Composition: 77.5% nylon 22.5% spandex

Width: 160 cm

Weight: 180 gsm

Cool in summer

Striped fabric

Stripe spacing and width processing is relatively thin

It doesn't look very fancy

Nylon spandex high elastic fabric

This fabric is treated with special yarn

Do not have a sense of design of the collision material splicing

The pinstripe element adds to hold recreational and fashionable feeling

More fashion sense

Permeated with personality vitality!

Textured fabric can achieve a better "type"

High density, knock grade musculature fabric

Feel cool and elastic, comfortable and breathable

Stretch fabric relaxes by you