New product of nylon spandex ( Dull checked fabric)

- 2021-06-22-

Nylon spandex Dull checked fabric

New lifestyle drives people to the contracted style experience continuously explore and urban light movement of heat to heat up, people eager to once again into the natural, is also so with functional fabrics, in both plain knitted jacquard fabrics are favored by designers, become the 2021 spring and summer men is one of the hot trend of outdoor leisure garment fabrics.

Nylon spandex Dull checked Fabric concept: this knitted fabric has strong recovery, elastic function, and cooling effect, etc., so it will be favored by many customers. This fabric will be used in the R&D and design of men's garment for spring and summer 2021, and the special texture will make men unique in wearing it.

Nylon spandex Dull checked Elastic and soft vertical stripe fabric, smooth and thin, simple style of garments, whether single or matching, wearing a neat style.

Nylon spandex Dull checked of textured fabric as an enduring element, brings the role of leisure and renewal to men's wear. The increasing importance of functional elements in men's wear cannot be ignored, which can stimulate consumers' desire to buy. This concept is only going to grow in importance as more men's wear begins to focus on functionality and comfort, and on innovative technological practicality.