Polyester Spherical Fabric

- 2021-06-07-

The comfortable sphere fabric has polyester fabric, high strength, good elasticity, good heat resistance, smooth surface, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance.
Cotton will sweat, but it is like wearing a wet dress, it is very uncomfortable, there are many small holes on the polyester jersey, which can be easy.

Players wearing jersey in the game, usually called GI or GUs by jerseys, this jersey is of course difficulty for our fans, occasionally seeing in the forum, and it is also high. Grungers usually collect the jersey from the player version AU, or the fans SW or REP. AU is close to the player, but only is open to the player. The fans were divided into two kinds of SW and REP. The former used an embroidery process, which was offset. Domestic Adidas counters will only sell fans, SW is the mesh, and the rep is a silk. It is important to choose a comfortable sphere fabric.