Specific knowledge of sportswear fabrics

- 2021-06-05-

What fabric is good for sportswear? What material is good for sportswear? Many people think that pure cotton clothing is the best because it absorbs sweat well and is more comfortable to wear. In fact, for sportswear, pure cotton clothes are not necessarily good. Because sweat-absorbent clothes such as pure cotton will absorb sweat from the body, but because more sweat is emitted during exercise, it is easy to remain on the clothes. Over time, the clothes will emit sweat and make people unable to wear it. Since everyone's cotton sportswear made of the best material cannot meet the needs of sports, what kind of material is good for sportswear?

1. Soft fabrics: soft fabrics are generally light and thin, with good drape, smooth modeling lines, and natural clothing contours. Soft fabrics are generally knitted fabrics, silk fabrics, and soft linen fabrics.
2. Very cool fabric: The cool fabric has clear lines and a sense of volume, and can form a rich clothing contour. Commonly used are cotton, polyester-cotton, corduroy and ugly linen. This type of fabric can be used to highlight the design of clothing modeling accuracy. For example, the design of suits.
3. Glossy fabric: The surface is smooth, and can reflect bright light, with a sense of brilliance. Such fabrics include fabrics with satin textures, and the most common ones are evening dresses and performance suits.
4. Transparent fabric: The transparent fabric is light, thin and beautiful, with an elegant and mysterious artistic effect.