Maintenance skills of organza fabric

- 2021-06-04-

Organza fabric is a light yarn with a transparent or translucent texture, mostly covered on satin or silk, plain weave, transparent, bright color after dyeing, light texture, similar to real silk products
1. It is not advisable to soak organza garments in cold water for too long, generally 5 to 10 minutes is better. It is best to choose a neutral detergent for the detergent, not machine washable, and gently rubbing when washing by hand to prevent fiber damage.

2. Organza fabric is acid and alkali resistant. To keep the color bright, you can add a few drops of acetic acid in the water when washing, and then soak the clothes for about ten minutes in the water, and then pick it up to dry, so as to maintain the color of the clothes.

3. It is best to bring water to dry, ice-clean and dry in the shade, and dry the clothes in reverse. Do not expose them to the sun to prevent the fiber's strength and color fastness from being affected.
4. Organza products should not be perfumed, fresheners, deodorants, etc., and do not use mothballs after storage, because the organza products will absorb odors or cause discoloration.
5. It is best to use hangers to hang in the closet. The hangers should not be made of metal to prevent rust pollution. If they need to be folded, they should also be placed on the top layer to avoid deformation and wrinkles caused by long-term storage.