Classification and principle of coated fabrics

- 2021-06-05-

Coated fabric is a kind of textile, consisting of two or more layers of materials, at least one of which is a textile and the other is a fully continuous polymer coating.

According to the different coating materials, there are three types: PVC coating, PU coating and semi-PU coating.

According to the different coating process, there are mercerized leather, matte, anti-dermis, wrinkle leather and so on.

There are also classified according to functions and characteristics. Such as: colored glue, PVC coated, silver coated, calendered, flame retardant, PA moisture permeable, PU moisture permeable and transparent, etc. Special coating: rubber-like coating, paper-like processing, waterproof and breathable, pearlescent series, oil-wax-like coating, PU gold glue silver glue, high water pressure series (up to 1000---10000), UV- CUT anti-ultraviolet processing and so on.
Use solvents (fabric factories generally use toluene or methyl ethyl ketone) to dissolve the required coating particles (including PU glue, A/C glue, PVC, PE glue) into salivation (related to the composition of rubber and sol). (Ratio, viscosity, etc.) and then evenly spread on the fabric (with cotton, polyester, nylon and other substrates) with a scraper, and then fix it at the temperature in the oven to form a uniform layer of covering glue on the surface of the fabric Material, so as to achieve waterproof, windproof, breathable and other functions!