How to properly maintain your swimsuit?

- 2021-06-02-

Summer is here, and many people will wear beautiful swimsuits to the beach or swim in the swimming pool. When you enjoy the sun and enjoy the fun of playing, don't forget to clean and maintain your swimsuit. If you don’t understand how to properly maintain and wash your swimsuit, it will shorten the lifespan of a beautiful swimsuit, and it may become loose and deformed after wearing it a few times. Let's learn how to wash and maintain your swimsuits together to keep your swimsuits in bright colors and bid farewell to deformation!


1. Chemical products such as chemicals and sunscreen products will reduce the elasticity of swimsuits, so try not to contaminate swimsuits. Put on swimsuits before applying sunscreen products.

2. Wet the swimsuitand swimming trunks with clean water before entering the water, which can reduce the corrosion of the pool water or seawater; after exercise, you should wash it off in time before changing your swimsuit, so that the sand on the surface of the swimsuit will not be brought into the inner surface of the swimsuit.

3.Keep away from the rough interface of rocks, which will easily cause wear or damage to the surface of the swimsuit.

4. Due to the special fabric of the swimsuit, it normally only needs to be hand-washed with water below 30 degrees Celsius. Do not use alkaline detergent, washing powder, soap, disinfectant, bleaching substances to clean.

5. Don't wring out the swimsuit, roll the swimsuitinto the dry hair cat, and let the dry hair cat absorb the excessive moisture of the swimsuit.

6. Swimming pool chlorine or sea water will cause the color of the swimsuit to fade and become hard. Please wash the dark and light swimsuit separately.

7. Please spread or hang the washed swimsuit in a cool place to dry in time, pay attention to ventilation!

8. Store in a cool place after drying. When storing, pay attention to ventilation and keep away from chemicals such as cosmetics and laundry detergents. It is recommended to store in a storage box. In order to keep it ventilated and dry, it is best to put some desiccant in the storage box.

9. Do not use clothes dryer or iron, do not bleach, so as not to damage the material of the swimsuit and deform the swimsuit.

11. The used swimsuit should not be stuffed in a bag or car trunk or trunk for a long time to avoid thermal fading. It should be hand-washed and dried as soon as possible.