Beimon knit textile products

- 2021-05-26-

Sport Fabric

Dacron/polyamide spandex fabric is used for sports.The elastic fabric can be used in yoga wear, swimwear, cycling wear, underwear, leggings, shapewear, fashion evening wear, sportswear, pants and linings.

The fabric can add moisture absorption, fast drying, anti-bacterial, anti-ultraviolet and other effects.



Swimwear Fabric

One of our soft and comfortable swimming fabrics is 160 cm wide and is made of 78% nylon and 22% spandex.They come in a variety of colors and can be used for yoga wear, activewear, underwear, cycling wear, swimwear, plastic suits, and more.Beimon looks forward to your purchase.



Yoga Fabric

Beimon is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of yoga nylon sports fabrics in China.Our yoga nylon sports fabric is available in a variety of colors. Beimon is looking forward to your purchase.



There are a variety of other fabrics, tape, gift packaging yarn, chiffon fabric and so on.