Other uses of fabric

- 2021-05-26-

When we think of function of household style, household these words, the first reaction in the brain may be hard outfit, rarely can think of to rely on soft outfit to change what only.The thinking of heavy hard light soft makes us ignore the great ability of fabric.Actually, fabric is in the domestic outfit the action in far what we imagine wants much.

01. A piece of cloth can be a partition


If use wall to divide to show narrow

But the functional areas are always separated

Actually want a suitable fabric to be able to solve only

Soft partition can have the action of disjunctive space


02. A piece of cloth can change a table




The table can't be changed.

The tablecloth can be changed

A feeling every day

This is the charm of fabric


03. A piece of cloth helps you change a sofa




No matter be cloth art sofa, wooden sofa or leather sofa

Can put on a piece of clothing to change the original face

Is it difficult to give up when buying a sofa and chagrin


All you need is a piece of fabric